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Short Interview Ingrid Martine by Rick Maurer On Kick-Butt Workplaces and Courageous Conversations

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"I Can’t Wait to Go to Work”:
What 1 Million Employees World-Wide Say Is a Kick-Butt Workplace

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John Graham
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If Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg?
Then why not YOU?


What Would It Be Like for You if You Could Get Simple, Solid Support?

Coaching That Catalyzes Success. Do What You Do Best and Get Help with the Rest.`

In a context of SAFETY, CHALLENGE,, LOVE, and HUMOR, Your Leader’s Edge, through un-game coaching, inspires and empowers YOU—Leaders, Managers, and Teams—with energy to spare to

  • Empower Yourself and Empower Others
  • Uncover Your Ability to Be Nimble, Creative, Flexible, and Resilient
  • Adapt to Today’s Management Requirements
  • Be a Catalyst, not a Controller and a Fixer
  • Win Friends and Influence People in and Outside of the Organization
  • Learn to Unlearn: Escape the Confines of Your Established Mind

Un-game Coaching Is Mind-Set Coaching

Change your mind. Change your life! Sound uncomfortable? Sure, but most of us are already uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable in a rapidly changing environment, you’re not alone. Leftover tools and methods from the command and control model of running a business no longer work. Yet many of us keep using them over and over again. Un-game coaching can help.

Un-Game Coaching: Meeting Adaptive Challenges

Motivate employees to design and implement a sizzling marketing campaign in today’s company is not a Technical Challenge. It’s an Adaptive Challenge. To successfully meet an Adaptive Challenge requires the person to change how they act. Your Leader’s Edge un-game coaching expertly helps you to meet your Adaptive Challenges; for example, motivating and developing your team, communicating with “difficult” people, prioritizing for effective time-management are Adaptive Challenges. If coaching doesn’t empower you to meet Adaptive Challenges, it uses a technical solution to solve an Adaptive Problem. And that is a mismatch! And a guaranteed disappointment we want YOU to not experience.

Until others catch on, Leaders, Managers, and Teams in today’s faster, flatter, increasingly complex and inter-connected world, who gain competence in Adaptive Skills will be in an elite minority. That’s a fact. So get a head start. Stop applying a technical solution to an Adaptive Challenge NOW! It won’t work. And it will drain your energy.

Would is be All Right with You if You Tapped Your Hidden Potential and the Hidden Potential of Your People? Would It Be All Right with You if Life Got Easier?

 If Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg? Then why not YOU?! Given the tools, you WILL tap your untapped potential and the potential of the people you manage. Let the un-game coaching begin!

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