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Concerned about your retirement? Well you are not alone!

  • 66 million+ Americans will attempt to retire in the next decade
  • Current retirees slammed by low Interest rates and volatile markets
  • Most workers over 50 are worried about future retirement income


Now a breakthrough in helping you protect and enrich your retirement!

    Retirement Defenders has developed a unique 360° Approach to Retirement Planning designed to defend and enrich the retirement process. Our holistic support system combines retirement education, income planning, estate planning, tax planning, innovative retirement products, and on-going coaching.

    Over the last 17 years, our company founders have helped thousands of families through the teaching of financial literacy classes in businesses, churches and schools. Recently it became very apparent that those already retired and those soon to be had special financial and educational needs that were not being met. was formed around the mission of helping Americans better protect and enrich their retirement experience.

    Benjamin Franklin once said “A small leak can sink a mighty ship” and so it goes with retirement. As our client, we will help you better manage your money, plan for life-long income, avoid financial and emotional pitfalls, reduce stress and enjoy the retirement you have earned!

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