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         If you put a wax worm on a hook of any lure you will significantly increase the number of strikes.  
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22119 Keyesport Rd
Keyesport, IL 62253
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Highland Lure is a full service wholesale fishing bait and tackle distributor. We have been in business for 22 years. We are located in Keyesport, Illinois and service the Midwest.

Currently we service over 700 convenience stores, liquor stores, pet shops, camp grounds and grocery stores throughout Illinois, and parts of Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Iowa.

We offer a variety of products that allow any convenience store in the Midwest to instantly offer a wide selection of fishing bait and tackle to their customers. We provide our clients with everything they need to get started, including

We supply the refrigerator with a colorful sign on the door, attractive tackle display that sits on top and a rod rack that fits flush against the side making a complete attractive display for any retail store.

Our bait and tackle displays with rod and reel rack are a total of only 24 inches wide.

*A refrigerator that will keep your fishing bait cold.
*An attractive tackle display and rod rack.
*Eye-catching inside and outside signage to promote the fishing bait and tackle.

You don’t have to be next to a lake, pond or river to have excellent fishing bait and tackle sales.

We proudly offer live bait. Some of the live bait we offer includes: Night Crawlers(sometimes called earth worms or dew worms), Red Worms, Meal Worms, Wax Worms (also known as Bee Moth) and more. We also offer prepared Catfish bait, Chicken liver, and Shrimp.

Contact us for details.

We Sell Live Bait and Tackle to Wholesale Customers Only.

DisplayGet started to day.

Whether you are located in Saint Louis, Mo. Terra Haute, In. or Paducah, Ky. You can call us today to get started selling fishing tackle and fishing bait
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