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We have received exceptional cleaning and disinfecting service and numerous compliments from our customers on how much cleaner our carts, baskets and store have become. Read More

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I would highly recommend them to any business that cares about the health and cleanliness of their customers and employees.
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  Cart Cleaning Systems is a division of R H Campbell Systems, LLC which specializes in cleaning and disinfecting of shopping carts and hand baskets. Our company will customize a green cleaning program for your organization using innovative green cleaning solutions. The use of green chemicals is healthy for the environment, your customers and employees.

This cleaning program is an integral part of your total green solution.

We have been a Wohlman Certified Contractor since 1995. We preformed in various areas of the deck, house, fence and other commercial cleaning and maintenance industries. Our success, expertise, and cutting edge green technology has enabled us to expand and add our newest division, Cart Cleaning Systems. 

Why Clean Your Shopping Carts

According to researchers, grocery store shopping cart handles have more germs than public restrooms, making them one of the worst public places for germs. How germy could shopping carts really be? Very, according to researchers at the University of Arizona, who tested all kinds of public surfaces. They found that shopping carts were loaded with more saliva, bacteria and fecal matter than escalators, public telephones, and even public bathrooms.

The only surfaces that had more germs were playground equipment and bus rails.

Cart Cleaning Systems will not only help ensure your carts are free from these germs we will help show your customers you care about their safety.


So How Dirty is the Average Shopping Cart?

According to a four-year study conducted by the University of Arizona's Environmental Research Lab and sponsored by Clorox, grocery carts are veritable petri dishes teeming with human saliva, mucus, urine, fecal matter, as well as the blood and juices from raw meat. Swabs taken from the handles and child seats of 36 grocery carts in San Francisco, Chicago, Tucson, and Tampa showed these common surfaces to rank third on the list of nastiest public items to touch, with only playground equipment and the armrests on public transportation producing more disgusting results. In terms of playing host to germs and bacteria, the carts are far worse than public bathrooms, which at least are cleaned more often. Bacteria and viruses such as E.coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, and influenza can live on grocery carts, a sorry fact most shoppers are blissfully unaware of.

How We Can Help

  • We use a Hospital Grade Sanitizer which ensures all germs are removed.
  • Our process is Non Obtrusive to Customers.
  • Your customers will notice that overall cleanliness of your store has improved.
  • Since your carts are clean this will also reduce the Maintenance and cleaning that is need.
  • We also can perform routine Maintenance and cleaning throughout the rest of your store.



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